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January 2016

Spring Love — The Shoe Edition

Keds Liberty

I’ve always been prep. Back in the day, my best friend in high school chastised me (harshly, I might add) for ‘always’ wearing  ditzy wallpaper prints that were so prep. A green and blue toile seemed to be particularly offensive to her eye. Now my niece tells me I’m so prep – she’s said that for so long and with such affection that it’s become a favored greeting.

So I embrace the term and my style. New Liberty of London print Keds Champions. Very pretty and doesn’t get any more prep than that!


Captive Beauty


Indoor plants, especially flowers in winter, are a small daily joy. Felines find them fascinating, however, so my floral follies require a full-time guard.

Decisions, Decisions

Good thing I live where winter is always cold enough to need a good scarf.

Next up — the Tunisian Crochet Scarf or the Diagonal Twist Scarf?

Or should I finish one of those other projects already on the needles. . .



Finally Fini

Between all the unplanned things of life and a sprained wrist to boot, it took me a year – a year! – to knit a scarf. Now it is done and it is lovely.

We’ve been together through so much, my fuzzy warm friend, that I’m having a hard time packing you up and mailing you off even if your home is with a good friend.

pattern: Purl Soho
yarn: a soft and lovely merino of unrecalled origin

Skirts, Round 2

two skirts

Two skirts that I loved to wear.
Neither, however, fit very well so they weren’t often worn;
I bought them because I love the fabrics.
Probably just enough fabric in each for a tote bag.
Let the repurposing adventure begin!

Thinking Ahead

Back when, worrying/fretting about things was my norm. While I got over that, I really didn’t do anything more than develop rote systems for dealing with basic (and solidly foreseeable anxieties – e.g., getting to the airport on time, meeting a deadline) and accepting that worry was my status quo. Take what Daniel Levitin discusses in this TED Talk, and there’s a valuable life lesson. If obsessing is a normal state, obsess intelligently, obsess forward. I’ve got something here, but I don’t know what exactly. Let me think on it.

Returned a strikingly attractive pair of Donald J. Pliner pumps, classically styled, which always draws me in.

Then went to the Keds web site and bought two pairs of cute slipons.

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Mr Blandings, IMDb

Watching old movies was a favorite hobby as a teen. A locally based station used to run classic flicks after the late news, and freshman classes started near noon at my overcrowded high school – a splendid serendipity.

Enjoyed Mr. Blandings this year (or more accurately last year) for New Year’s Eve. A questionable choice, perhaps, when a year of smooth renovations and updates is the goal.

The movie is less frenetic than similar period screwball comedies but insanely sexist. That soured the viewing a bit. However, since no one comes out unscathed, except the children and the housekeeper, it’s understandable as reflective its time without excusing the shortcomings.

Myrna Loy’s scene of picking colors is considered iconic in interior design circles. While it’s funny and captures the essence, it fell flat on this viewing. Maybe the pedestal it’s been placed on is too high – for the scene itself and the topic. Followup would help and be in character: Three of the colors are all wrong but the fourth is spot on.

Watching Grant and Loy jostle in the new bathroom, the thing that tipped the scales in the first place: well played. How life is lived in a space is the thing, not the place itself.

Researching the real life story about the writer and all the houses built as part of the promotion really brought it home. Maybe that’s a hobby to start: Visiting all those houses. That would be a triumph of the mundane.

(image courtesy of IMDb)

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