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Oops, I’ve Not Done It Yet Again or Shining a Light On the Problem


The basement is a train wreck. Again. I’ve cleaned it up at least three times in the last 18 months only to have the hubs get on a tear and mess it all up: remodeling, building project, perhaps just to drive me insane.

Each time I head down there intent to force order on the chaos, it’s anyone’s guess — Will I make any progress at all, or will I end up circling in despair?


The latest attempt ended in circling. This time I focused on the lamps. Who needs this many lamps, I mean really?


Even the extremely excellent shopping savvy is no defense. Still, deciding which to get rid of continues to evade me. All so lovely, maybe I could use them in rotation.

The first step, they say, is shining a light on the problem. Now the problem is deciding which lamp to use for that light. . .



If Finnish is Godzilla, what creature is English?

My grandmother was from Finland and she never, ever encouraged me to learn her native language. She spoke four or five languages– so according to this graphic it appears she had good reason to steer me away from Finnish!


Source: If Finnish is Godzilla, what creature is English?

Oh the Inhumanity

Yesterday was entertainment and, perhaps a smidge of education, involving stories of greedy men. Watched Red Oaks (an Amazon comedy) and Madoff, then read some of Bring Up the Bodies.

Today I’m surprised and little frightened that Thomas Cromwell seems the most sympathetic character in the telling. Must be Hilary Mantel’s writing.

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