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Whom to Thank?

Biscoff again

Here are those darn cookies again! Couldn’t find them the last two trips to Costo, so stopped by Customer Service to find out what gives.

Horrors! I think the only person more disappointed than me to find out Costco no longer stocks Biscoff was the woman behind the counter. Apparently she’s a bigger fan. She just kept saying this doesn’t mean Costco won’t stock them again. Hope. . .

Once the shock wore off, I recalled hearing that Target carries them. Sure enough. Better price than anywhere on the interwebs, so last Sunday with an all-purpose discount coupon I stocked up.

But who told me that Target stocked them? I need to recall so I know whom to thank!

The Happy Road to Nowhere


The rice-and-beans budget means travel is mostly a dream state. But back in the day I traveled a fair amount for work, and these tasty little cookies were a favorite. Recently found them at Costco and they don’t disappoint. Perhaps because most trips were nothing glam: puddle-jumpers to Milwaukee or 18-hour-days to California and back. These cookies were the highlight of some trips. Not kidding.

Now I can have a quick mental getaway mid-morning without the lines, sleep deprivation, or smelly travel companions.

I’d really like to take these little mind trips a bit further afoot, maybe to Europe. Hmmmm, have to ask Chad to bring back a big box of assorted Digestives next time he’s across the pond. . .

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