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The Cats’ Turn

Diana says post more about the pets. Since the dogs have had their days in the sun, time for the cats to shine. Or not. They’re cats. They really don’t care. And that is why I adore them so.

Their quirks, however, are undeniably charming. For example, here are the two older cats Citrus and Zebra (the ears on the left).

Citrus and Zebra 2

Zebra does not like to nap in contact with the other cats. Come to think of it, she doesn’t sleep in bodily contact with us either. But put her under a blanket and all species can crowd around.


And if she can peek out, all the better. Something tells me this little cat would have done just fine in the wild.

If Finnish is Godzilla, what creature is English?

My grandmother was from Finland and she never, ever encouraged me to learn her native language. She spoke four or five languages– so according to this graphic it appears she had good reason to steer me away from Finnish!


Source: If Finnish is Godzilla, what creature is English?

Captive Beauty


Indoor plants, especially flowers in winter, are a small daily joy. Felines find them fascinating, however, so my floral follies require a full-time guard.

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