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Elaine Stritch

Finally Fini

Between all the unplanned things of life and a sprained wrist to boot, it took me a year – a year! – to knit a scarf. Now it is done and it is lovely.

We’ve been together through so much, my fuzzy warm friend, that I’m having a hard time packing you up and mailing you off even if your home is with a good friend.

pattern: Purl Soho
yarn: a soft and lovely merino of unrecalled origin

Being Elaine (or not)


It was a dark and stormy morning. Came home soaked after taking the dogs for a short walk. Shed my jeans in the kitchen and walked around in tights and a rather long tee shirt — a semi-country version of Elaine Stritch. Only less glam. And with no acting ability. But, with all immodesty, the gams are comparable. Better go put on some pants.

(Image of poster from IMBD.)

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