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kitchen remodel

Semi Rustic

tile  (2)

With the undercabinet lighting installed (that string of reflections on the shiny countertop), ’tis time to tackle the backsplash.

Simple white subway tile? Seems nothing is ever simple with us. In our stash of home-improvement bits was an almost full box of subway tiles. New tiles wouldn’t match exactly so we had to carefully develop a ‘random’ mix of new and old. That’s the chart by the mastic. A nice slightly rustic look which fits in well with the overall Midwest Scandinavian look I’m after. Yes, I made that term up and am a little too proud of myself about it.

All those cuts. This will not be done in a day but it will be lovely.

Plain Plywood Shelf – 23 Years in the Making!

Upper cabinet shelves

Look closely at the top of the cabinets. See the edge of the plywood? That, good people, has taken just shy of 23 years to accomplish! We had the great good fortune to be able to build our house – well, with a builder of course. But it’s our design, and we love it.

Of course there were compromises. One of those was leaving the top of the kitchen cabinets exposed. Not really noticeable and we could finish it later. By we I mean mostly the hubs (he’s a woodworker which is insanely fabulous) – and by later I mean – ta da! – now.

A strip of maple will be added to the front and whole business painted white. The biggest compromise is that the hubs is under the delusion this is his idea. If I point that out I suspect it will be another goodly amount of time before the project is finished. So don’t tell him – I’m won’t!

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