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The headline extolls this method for dealing with cranky coworkers, but those of us with a nicely well-rounded case of randomized general anxiety can use it for keeping cool and collected anywhere, anytime, possibly even daily. Because my stress level is surely not optimal. Great, one more thing to worry about. . .

Almost enough to make me shout Perkele! Click for an explanation and more Finnishisms.

Brittany Stinson weighs in: “I don’t know if many applicants usually explore the mundane in their essays—that seems to have taken a lot of people by surprise.”

She was accepted to five Ivy League schools and her essay is on shopping at Costco with her mom. Quartz did a pretty darn good story about it.

Cover letters are the death of me, so this is priceless:

Quartz’ Cover letters of the famous


Design*Sponge’s 2013 April Fool’s Cat*Sponge.

Countertop 2, People 0

broken tile

Sigh. The new kitchen floor isn’t hard, we made sure of that. Easier on the feet and forgiving when anything falls. I don’t know where our heads were, however, when we chose the countertop: Quartz, a lovely man-made material that’s a mix of stone and resin. Oh so pretty, but as the name clearly states, hard as a rock.

First a coffee mug slipped out of my hand. Not particularly devastating as I’ve got plenty of those, and, truth be told, it wasn’t a favorite.

Today the hubs bumped one of three decorative tiles that have graced the awkward gap over the window for 20+ years. And then there were two.

Time for a new look – Delft tiles, maybe? Or an economical look-alike in case. . . you know.

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