Good people, I submit to you Exhibit A:

chicken nuggets

Of all the ‘junk’ foods I have readily, guiltily, repeatedly consumed, chicken nuggets have not been one. Until Super Bowl Sunday. A bag of Panko Chicken Nuggets, conveniently on sale at Costco this month, found its way into our cart and thus into the freezer.

Panko bread crumbs don’t trip my taste trigger, and enough chicken is served in other manners in this household. The hubs, however, likes Panko bread crumbs to the tune of two big bags (yes, Costco again) in the house, sprinkled to heavy accumulation on spaghetti and lasagna. On chicken nuggets, even better.

Exhibit A was first opened on Super Bowl Sunday. Then for an evening snack. Then actually for dinner one evening, a new low. Being a Costco bag, there’s still a few servings left. Do I like them? Not sure I but I can’t stop eating them. They’re a perfect carrier for my favorite condiment: a blend of catsup and hot sauce.

All fine and good, you might well think. Here’s the kicker: The sale ends today and I’m thinking of getting another bag. The apocalypse might be coming. . .