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Christmas Cooking Surprise

My first go at making Parmesan Mousse went well, but the surprise came in the spoils.


Onions and rosemary are cooked and steeped in heavy cream. Their flavoring work complete, they’re strained out and discarded. Looking at the strainer, I couldn’t help but take a flavor-filled bite. Some of the parm clings to the onion bits.

Hmmm. Grab a small leftover potato. Slice up a tomato. Combine and heat in the microwave, then broil for a few minutes in the toaster oven. In between those cooking steps, soft-cook an egg (I did a 6-minute steam). Top potato-tomato mix with cooked onion spoils and the egg.


Sometimes I surprise myself — in this case, delightfully so!

Here’s another quirk: The onions are mild since they’ve been well cooked; a good choice for me because I don’t like strong onions in breakfast dishes. But then I generously topped the dish with Frank’s Hot Sauce. . .

Merry Christmas to all; may the day bring you happy surprises.







Smidge, dash, and in between

egg and cream

I am drawn to things a little off, a little quirky. Like this measurement in the scones recipe I got from my food editor friend:

Put an egg in a measuring cup. Add cream to just between 3/4 and 1 cup.

Makes me smile every time.

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